Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marketing tips for Mumpreneurs

Working from home allows mothers to earn an income, while still having the flexibility to look after their little ones. So it’s no wonder so many Australian businesses are created by working mothers - 40 per cent of women who run home businesses have children under 15 years old*.
However, running a business is not easy and for working mums with irregular schedules, getting your business to grow can be difficult. Unless you have returned the workforce, or have been offered start-up capital, chances are your marketing budget is next to nothing.
So for those entrepreneurs: how do you get the word out. Listed below are a few fuss-free pointers that will increase your visibility in the marketplace to kick-start your new venture. Best of all, they will cost you absolutely nothing.
Start Networking:
Undoubtedly, the best way to spread the word is to begin by telling all your friends and family. In addition, get talking to other working mums. There are many communities of women you can get in touch with who all support each other; ask around, or find them online. Furthermore, social networking has become the new black. Giving yourself a crash course in how to use Facebook and Twitter effectively can really boost your market outreach and result in plenty more leads!
Get Forum Crawling:
Once you’re accustomed to the internet, crawling through online forums is a fantastic way to promote your expertise. People seem to be turning to the internet more and more to find answers. Tapping into this minefield is a great way to communicate with people who are already interested in your product or service. Make sure that you add your email and website at the bottom of your post, so if your readers want to know more, they can contact you personally for more details.
Form Strategic Alliances:
Time to team up with other small business owners! Approach businesses who you are not in direct competition with, and come up with a reciprocal agreement - this can be as simple as passing on business cards to each others’ clients. Good examples of two complementary businesses are: a gym and massage therapist, or a graphic designer and website company. In today’s media-saturated world, do not underestimate the power of personal referrals!

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